:- This is the most discussed topics among science lover; ‘ If God never exist then who create this universe & millions of organism’? God ;the most greatest opponent of today’s science & scientist and whose existence is still unsolved from us.

There are hundreds of artificial evidence to deny the existence of God. On the other hand peoples of earth followed more than 4200 religion.

Then there is one question mark, in front of those who are related to at least one religion among these numerous religion. ” Does Your God exist, Or you’re following your religion whose God never exist ?”.

In this article limitedscience is going to make you clear upon these topics. Don’t skip any single words because each & every words will make sense to get complete knowledge about this question.

Creation of Entire universe

Can you figure out how long is 13.4 Billion years time periods. This vast time periods is that greatest past where millions of changes happened in this universe.

One great explosion from empty space happened named as ‘The Big Bang’. Ans stars, planets, gaseous masses, meteor , black hole & many more cosmos masses get formed from every tiny pieces.

One of the pieces was our sun, which eventually get strikes with another cosmos masses & break numerous pieces. Some got eject out from it’s gravitational field.

Meanwhile some got attached inside it’s gravitational field & create 8 planets,millions of meteor, gaseous masses, meteorites space belt collectively named as ‘The Solar System’.

Let’s Get into the Earth

4.6 Billions years have passed when our planet earth was formed by solar sun strikes as mentioned above. To get into this suitable condition earth have face millions of up & down changes.

At initial condition temperature of earth was nearly equal to the temperature of sun. Because it was also one of the part of sun. Due to the high temperature, continuous vapor originated from vaporization of oxygen, hydrogen & other gases molecules.

Which leads to the formation of dense clouds, and result to the continuous rain for few hundred thousands of years. Which leads to the formation of large water masses like lake,river,ocean & seas.

Due to the high specific heat capacity of water temperature of earth start to decreased. After few millions of years temperature of earth got balanced to the normal temperature.

Origination of life

Marine water were rich on organic substances. Methane,Nitrogen, Hydrogen,Oxygen & Carbon were in soluble form in oceanic water. By taking organic substances as nutrition & soluble gases as cell functioning units most primitive bacterial unicellular organism were formed.

Via cell division via mitosis & meiosis most primitive cellular organism grown into advanced unicellular organism.

While some change into microscopic multicellular organism like paramecium & algae.

During survival for fittest & struggle for existence some organism change their survival location; like some become aquatic & some become terrestrial.


Through these billions of years, organism were formed from organic substances.In ocean By the help of cell division growth & change in physical appearance occurs.

As accordance to the laws of evolution; survival for fittest & struggle for existence many species got changed physically. In this way millions of organism got created to make this earth full of diversity.

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