: Hello readers, welcome to the new session article of limited science. Do you know ? if you continuously repeat the habit of doing something till 21 days regularly then that will be added to your permanent habitual action means that will be your regular habit. Without any further delay, let’s get enter to the topic.

If your friend is in the bad abuse of drugs,alcoholism,steroid user then simply you & his parents advice him to not to use those material. If he continuously use that drugs then his family admit him in rehabilitation Center. In rehabilitation Center doctor keep him far from those drugs & these daily routine will continuously followed for 21 days. Then in most of the case many people get free from those abuse.

I have give these example in that sense, 21 days play the important role in psychology. Okay here we are going to know the exact science behind these system.

When someone do regular activities in routine pattern, then our brain save the pattern details of habit of that person in nerve cell & cerebrum & our brain force us to do work in that saved pattern, but at the 21 days our nerve cell get reformed & developed more in branch. Around 37% nerve cell increases & 13% will disabled. Due to the aggregation of new nerve cell, our brain lost some pattern of habits. At this time if we do some new good works, or do some new action of habits then brain & nerve cell will start to save new pattern of habits & person will get chance to get new habits in daily life routine.

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