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Clarified Notice : This post doesn’t promote acid crime & any unusual uses of acid. We want to tell us acid is most sensitive harmful chemical king liquid so don’t mess with  it.

This is quite mad question like that, what if we inject Strong acid like Hcl, HI in our blood stream by using syringe.

This will depends on how concentrated was that acid. The standard pH of HCl ( Hydrocholride acid ) is 1.08 ( per 100 mm). If we inject this most dangerous chemical liquid to anyone blood stream, then first microsecond of reaching of acid to the blood stream veins, Veins will be destroyed by acid burn and only few drops of acid will reach to the veins but most of the acid will used for acid burnt for veins.

When the first drop of the acid touch the blood flow, it eventually freeze the blood by reacting with hematite ore of iron which is found in haemoglobin of blood. After some microsecond blood is cracked & will get burnt due to acid bite & after some microsecond the vein connection of bloodline will be destroyed and the unlucky one will died.


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