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Isn’t this silly to Ask ! But do you know what’s the exact definition of Time ? Explanation from Depth.

All of you must have read on your lower classes about the definition of time ? And may have answered ‘Time is the difference between two events’. Is this enough points to define the definition of this vast question “TIME”? Not at all, then what’s the exact definition of ‘Time’?. Time, the most mysterious stuff […]

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First Image of Black Hole(EHT Project) & its research paper explanation

Black Holes A black hole is a region of space time exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing, not even particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light can escape from inside it. The theory of general relativity predicts that a sufficiently compact mass can deform space time to form a black hole. The boundary of […]

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Mysterious Radio Signals from Deep Space

Radio Signals Recently on January 9, 2019, Astronauts have detected 13 high-speed radio waves coming from deep space with unusual repeating sounds. While the exact sources remain unknown, the new bevy of mysterious blasts does offer fresh clues to where and why such flashes appear across the cosmos. This also includes the new search for aliens. […]

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