science is expanding in the field of discoveries even more faster than the human population arose between 1800-2020 ( #Factofthepost: As it takes till 1800 from the human evolution to reach human population 1 Billion & arose to nearly 8 Billion within just 220 years).

Modern science is said to be started from late 1600 A.D. and we are still running in stream of Almighty modern science where daily new things are discovered. Modern science is expanding in rapid way and now it’s speed quadrupled after 1900s.

There are numerous things discovered, numerous theories & Hypothesis arose but among these things we can find out some discoveries really the most important.

As 2019 is nearly passing out ( This post is written on 27th Dec 2019) here we have not out some of the useful science discoveries of 2019.

We respect your time & curiosity so without any further delay to the topics lets get started to the discussion.

1. First real Black hole image

That was one of the greatest achievement for every science lover, on 10th April 2019 human get glorious chance to see the first real image of black hole.

Remember how lucky you are when compared to humans from past & future as you are the person of human race of that time when the first image of black hole was released.

2. Quantum supermecy attained

On 18th June 2019 Google achieve quantum supremacy. This achievement can be the new initiation of advanced computing era. Researchers at Google claim their quantum computer has solved a problem that would take even the very best conventional machine thousands of years to crack.

This milestone, known as quantum supremacy, represents a long-sought stride towards realizing the immense promise of quantum computers, devices that exploit the strange properties of quantum physics to speed up certain calculations.

3. Hope for Ebola Patients

Ebola Is Now Curable, a clinical trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo after two treatments appear to greatly increase patients survival rates. A clinical trial in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been testing new Ebola drugs with dramatic results. For newly infected patients on one of the drugs, the mortality rate dropped to 6 percent.

Democratic Republic of Congo have been running a clinical trial of new drugs to try to combat a year-long Ebola outbreak. On Monday, the trial’s cosponsors at the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health announced that two of the experimental treatments appear to dramatically boost survival rates.

4. A Close up of a Far-out Object

The Most-Distant Solar System Object Ever was discovered on 17th December 2018 but it was named on First week of 2019. A team of astronomers has discovered the most-distant body ever observed in our Solar System.

It is the first known Solar System object that has been detected at a distance that is more than 100 times farther than Earth is from the Sun. The new object was announced on Monday, December 17, 2018, by the International Astronomical Union’s Minor Planet Center and has been given the provisional designation 2018 VG18.

The discovery was made by Carnegie’s Scott S. Sheppard, the University of Hawaii’s David Tholen, and Northern Arizona University’s Chad Trujillo. 2018 VG18, nicknamed “Farout” by the discovery team for its extremely distant location, is at about 120 astronomical units (AU).

The second-most-distant observed Solar System object is Eris, at about 96 AU.

5. AI master’s Multiplayer Poker

Artificial intelligence has finally cracked the biggest challenge in poker: beating top professionals in six-player, no-limit Texas Hold ’Em, the most popular variant of the game.

Over 20,000 hands of online poker, the AI beat 15 of the world’s top poker players, each of whom has won more than $1 million playing the game professionally.

The AI, called Pluribus, was tested in 10,000 games against five human players, as well as in 10,000 rounds where five copies of Pluribus played against one professional – and did better than the pros in both.

Pluribus was developed by Noam Brown of Facebook AI Research and Tuomas Sandholm at Carnegie Mellon University in Pennsylvania.

It is an improvement on their previous poker-playing AI, called Libratus, which in 2017 outplayed professionals at Heads-Up Texas Hold ’Em, a variant of the game that pits two players head to head.\

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