We think of the Stone Age as something that early humans lived through. But we are not the only species that has witness that time period.

Chimpanzees,Apes monkey,Panama monkeys & Orangutan are categorise into the second most social, mentally developed, well ability of use of things by hands as We human does. Even chimpanzees are differed from Human by only one pair of chromosomes. This means these animals (Chimpanzees,Apes monkey,Panama monkeys & Orangutan ) somehow belongs to human. We have start our race of evolution through hard moments, in past we eat foods, flesh without cooking it (Raw), some hundreds or thousands years later human have start their stone age where they learn to hunt animal by weapon made up of by stone, we have discovered fire by striking two strong stone together. In these way we’re running in this infinite road of evolution.

Don’t you think these animals are alike past we thousands of years ago ? They are learning to use stone & wood for fighting, breaking packet of biscuits, foods, drinks. Some trained monkeys have ability to do shocking activities. Orangutan have start to fishing by pointed stick. In these ways they have start their race of evolution & i am sure one day ( may be after 20, 000-40,000 years later ) they will reach to the level of evolution where we are living todays.

May be they will challenge human in the field of technology & science or may be earth will ruled by 2 different species or may be they will be the reason of end of human species in coming future.

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The Barbary Macaques front limbs are longer than its hind limbs. … Mostly herbivorous, they feed on leaves, roots and fruit, however, they will also eat insects.

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