Moon, The second option after mars for the selective planet/satellite for human colonization far from earth. Scientist from all over the world are giving their best to shifting our homo species far from earth to the another cosmos body, some prefer creating it’s own atmosphere & some prefer the concept of Terra-forming for making our Moon suitable for living life.

But, what should we do for making our mission of shifting human colony successful, Humm ? Ain’t a hardest imagination about that greatest mission. Okay don’t worry, we’re going to predict some things to do for making Moon suitable for life.

  • Oxygen obviously become the main & one and only basic things needed for living life. So, first of all moon should have provide unlimited amount of oxygen. For the supply of unlimited amount of oxygen strong atmosphere is needed to stop oxygen molecule escaping out from moon. So, creating it’s own atmosphere becomes the first things we should do for human colonization on Moon.
  • Terraform of Moon can be another ways of spread human species in cosmos. Terraform is that process in which close construction are built & tree are planted inside the monument, artificial oxygen are manufactured & supplied inside & eventually slowly atmosphere are being build. This idea seems to be quite weird Still this will takes many years to get succeed but in my perspective this ways can be the most possible ways for human colonization.
  • Before planning to start colony on Moon, first analyze the obstacle for reaching the Moon from earth. Trillions of dollar of money will needed, risk of spacecraft accident, scarcity of food,oxygen & water will be the first obstacle for this journey.
  • WHO WILL LEAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET ? : Every person express his desired to visit moon, if you ask someone will you visit moon then obviously everyone will answer ‘Yeah we will’ but have you ever think what if you ask someone, ” Will you travel to moon permanently for living there, till your last breath ?”, there will be awkward silence of fear of loosing beloved person, friends, relatives & this heaven called as Earth. I am sure no one will be ready.

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