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  • First of all let me tell you these decoration are called graphics design, and for free we can create own graphics design by adding & downloading free website themes. Here are some free website theme used & preferred by millions of website owner.

i) Theme Jevelin = https://colorlib.com/out/jevelin

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Moon, The second option after mars for the selective planet/satellite for human colonization far from earth. Scientist from all over the world are giving their best to shifting our homo species far from earth to the another cosmos body, some prefer creating it’s own atmosphere & some prefer the concept of Terra-forming for making our Moon suitable for living life.

But, what should we do for making our mission of shifting human colony successful, Humm ? Ain’t a hardest imagination about that greatest mission. Okay don’t worry, we’re going to predict some things to do for making Moon suitable for life.

  • Oxygen obviously become the main & one and only basic things needed for living life. So, first of all moon should have provide unlimited amount of oxygen. For the supply of unlimited amount of oxygen strong atmosphere is needed to stop oxygen molecule escaping out from moon. So, creating it’s own atmosphere becomes the first things we should do for human colonization on Moon.
  • Terraform of Moon can be another ways of spread human species in cosmos. Terraform is that process in which close construction are built & tree are planted inside the monument, artificial oxygen are manufactured & supplied inside & eventually slowly atmosphere are being build. This idea seems to be quite weird Still this will takes many years to get succeed but in my perspective this ways can be the most possible ways for human colonization.
  • Before planning to start colony on Moon, first analyze the obstacle for reaching the Moon from earth. Trillions of dollar of money will needed, risk of spacecraft accident, scarcity of food,oxygen & water will be the first obstacle for this journey.
  • WHO WILL LEAVE THIS BEAUTIFUL PLANET ? : Every person express his desired to visit moon, if you ask someone will you visit moon then obviously everyone will answer ‘Yeah we will’ but have you ever think what if you ask someone, ” Will you travel to moon permanently for living there, till your last breath ?”, there will be awkward silence of fear of loosing beloved person, friends, relatives & this heaven called as Earth. I am sure no one will be ready.

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HH is the newly discovered blood group found in human body. One women from southern india CHENNAI needs blood of HH rhesus. As HH is most rarest blood man from southern india travel 340 kilometer overnight just to donate and save the life of that pregnant mother. Well, this man “Aditya Hedge ” proved that humanity still exist among us, SALUTE TO THIS LEGENDARY.

Distance between Donor & acceptor,
Donor : Aditya Hedge

All of you must have read on your lower classes about the definition of time ? And may have answered ‘Time is the difference between two events’. Is this enough points to define the definition of this vast question “TIME”? Not at all, then what’s the exact definition of ‘Time’?.

Time, the most mysterious stuff that is still un-defined by this modern era of science. The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole is the simplicity definition of time. Whenever we discuss about time we can’t miss the fourth(4th) dimension, space time & space curvature.

For better understanding first of all let you know about space time, space curvature & 4th dimension. space time directly related to the dimensions;
In physics, space time is any mathematical model that fuses the three dimensions of space and the one dimension of time into a single four-dimensional continuum. Space time diagrams can be used to visualize relativistic effects such as why different observers perceive where and when events occur differently.

Diagram : Space Time

Let us make you more understanding;

Physics is the only science that explicitly studies time, but even physicists agree that time is one of the most difficult properties of our universe to understand. Even in the most modern and complex physical models, though, time is usually considered to be an ontologically “basic” or primary concept, and not made up of, or dependent on, anything else.

In the sciences generally, time is usually defined by its measurement it is simply what a clock reads. Physics in particular often requires extreme levels of precision in time measurement, which has led to the requirement that time be considered an infinitely divisible linear continuum, and not quantized (i.e. composed of discrete and indivisible units). With modern atomic time standards like TAI and UTC and ultra-precise atomic clocks, time can now be measured accurate to about 10−15 seconds, which corresponds to about 1 second error in approximately 30 million years.

But several different conceptions and applications of time have been explored over the centuries in different areas of physics, and we will look at some of these in this articles.

In non-relativistic or classical physics, the concept of time generally used is that of  absolute time (also called Newtonian time after its most famous proponent), time which is independent of any perceiver, progresses at a consistent pace for everyone everywhere throughout the universe, and is essentially imperceptible and mathematical in nature. This accords with most people’s everyday experience of how time flows.

However, since the advent of relativity in the early 20th Century, relativitistic time has become the normal within physics. This takes into account phenomena such as time dilation for fast-moving objects, gravitational time dilation for objects caught in extreme gravitational fields, and the important idea that time is really just one element of four-dimensional space-time.

Relativity also allows for, at least in theory, the prospect of time travel, and there are several scenarios which allow for the theoretical basis of travel in time. There are even theoretical faster-than-light time-travelling particles like tachyons and neutrinos. However, the concept of time travel also brings with it a number of paradoxes, and its likelihood and physical practicality is questioned by many physicists.

Quantum mechanics revolutionized physics in the first half of the 20th Century and it still represents the most complete and accurate model of the universe we have. Time is perhaps not as central a concept in quantum theory as it is in classical physics, and there is really no such thing as “quantum time” as such. For example, time does not appear to be divided up into discrete quanta as are most other aspects of reality. However, the different interpretations of quantum theory (e.g. the Copenhagen interpretation, the many worlds interpretation, etc) do have some potentially important implications for our understanding of time.

Most physicists agree that time had a beginning, and that it is measured from, and indeed came into being with, The Big Bang some 13.8 billion years ago. Whether, how and when time might end in the future is a more open question, depending on different notions of the ultimate fate of the universe and other mind-bending concepts like the multiverse.

The so-called arrow of time refers to the one-way direction or asymmetry of time, which leads to the way we instinctively perceive time as moving forwards from the fixed and immutable past, though the present, towards the unknown and unfixed future. This idea has it roots in physics, particularly in the Second Law of Thermodynamics, although other, often related, arrows of time have also been identified.

Australia Doesn’t Exist And People Who Live There Are Actors Paid By NASA – Flat Earthers Claim

There’s a growing number of people who seem to think the world is, in fact, flat. But it gets better. They also insist that Australia is actually just one big hoax. According to a viral Facebook rant, the entire country (and presumably the 24 million people that live there) is completely FAKE.

The idea resurfaced at a some recent gathering of the so-called Flat Earthers in the Birmingham recently where over 200 people came together to confirm to each other that the Earth is nothing more than a giant pancake.

The origin of the “fake Australia” post started on Reddit back in 2017 and was written by a Shelley Floryd. But it appears to be back in the minds of the spherically-challenged at the moment.

“Australia is not real,” the rant begins. “It’s a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace. In reality, all these criminals were loaded off the ships into the waters, drowning before they could see land ever again. It’s a coverup [sic] for one of the greatest mass murders in history.”

Moreover, the post reckons that all Australians are nothing more than computer generated personas and if you’ve ever been Down Under yourself: “you’re terribly wrong”.

Hilariously, the pilots are apparently all in on it – and have just been flying you to parts of South America all these years. Flat Earth theories have been shot down by just about everyone capable of rational thought, but the theory is still enjoying a current resurgence. Over 200 conspiracy theorists gathered at a hotel in Birmingham for the UK’s first Flat Earth Convention. The convention, which took place over three days, saw nine speakers take to the stage to explain their theory as to why the Earth is flat.

According to The Telegraph , Dave Marsh, an NHS worker who spoke at the conference, said: “My research destroys big bang cosmology.

“It supports the idea that gravity doesn’t exist and the only true force in nature is electromagnetism.”

While NASA has proved that the Earth is round using GPS, satellites, and images from space, Flat Earth believers claim that they have evidence that the space agency is lying. So what do you think about this? Let us know in the comments

Time: it’s constantly running out and we never have enough of it. Some say it’s an illusion, some say it flies like an arrow. Well, this arrow of time is a big headache in physics. Why does time have a particular direction? And can such a direction be reversed?

A new study, published in Scientific Reports, is providing an important point of discussion on the subject. An international team of researchers has constructed a time-reversal program on a quantum computer, in an experiment that has huge implications for our understanding of quantum computing. Their approach also revealed something rather important: the time-reversal operation is so complex that it is extremely improbable, maybe impossible, for it to happen spontaneously in nature.

As far as laws of physics go, in many cases, there’s nothing to stop us going forward and backward in time. In certain quantum systems it is possible to create a time-reversal operation. Here, the team crafted a thought experiment based on a realistic scenario.The evolution of a quantum system is governed by Schrödinger’s Equation, which gives us the probability of a particle being in a certain region. Another important law of quantum mechanics is the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, which tells us that we cannot know the exact position and momentum of a particle because everything in the universe behaves like both a particle and a wave at the same time.

The researchers wanted to see if they could get time to spontaneously reverse itself for one particle for just the fraction of a second. They use the example of a cue breaking a billiard ball triangle and the balls going in all directions – a good analog for the second law of thermodynamics, an isolated system will always go from order to chaos – and then having the balls reverse back into order.

The team set out to test if this can happen, both spontaneously in nature and in the lab. Their thought experiment started with a localized electron, which means they were pretty sure of its position in a small region of space. The laws of quantum mechanics make knowing this with precision difficult. The idea is to have the highest probability that the electron is within a certain region. This probability “smears” out as times goes on, making it more likely for the particle to be in a wider region. The researchers then suggest a time-reversal operation to bring the electron back to its localization. The thought experiment was followed up by some real math.

The researchers estimated the probability of this happening to a real-world electron due to random fluctuations. If we were to observe 10 billion “freshly localized” electrons every second over the entire lifetime of the universe (13.7 billion years), we would only see it happen once. And it would merely take the quantum state back one 10-billionth of a second into the past, roughly the time it takes between a traffic light turning green and the person behind you honking.

While time reversal is unlikely to happen in nature, it is possible in the lab. The team decided to simulate the localized electron idea in a quantum computer and create a time-reversal operation that would bring it back to the original state. One thing that was clear was this; the bigger the simulation got, the more complex (and less accurate) it became. In a two quantum-bit (qubit) setup simulating the localized electron, researchers were able to reverse time in 85 percent of the cases. In a three-qubit setup, only 50 percent of the cases were successful, and more errors occurred.

While time reversal programs in quantum computers are unlikely to lead to a time machine (Deloreans are better suited for that), it might have some important applications in making quantum computers more precise in the future.

Sandisk one of the leading multinational companies, has made the pendrive of capacity of 4 Terabytes ( 4,000 GB ). Still we are using 500 mb-32 GB capacities pendrive, but this companies have recently creat the model of this pendrive.

According to the source, this high tech pendrive will cost around 87$ & will be available on market from 2022.

Everyone wants to be the most talented person, may be you are one of the talent or may not be. Do you ever thoughts that how talented person are different than the normal person ! In this article we are going to tell you some points about how talented person are unique than the ordinary person.

You can follow this steps & habits to be the intelligence one & talented, because talents is the another name of hardworking.

  • Late night : Talent stay until the late night when ordinary have already goes to the bed, as all of we night is quite peaceful rather than the day,that’s why most of the topper & talented person study & do their works at the night.
  • Ignorance nature : When someone insult you for your ability,mistakes & way of doing work, ordinary person take it badly & feel negative towards them but intelligence person hear them for few moment & forget that because they know these are useless things. This ignorance towards unusual things lift up the person & grow their level of confidence, which will helps them to achieve success.
  • Parental condition : Child from supportive, peaceful & positive background families are comparatively stronger in psychological ways than the child from bad parental background. Parents are the first teacher of every child that’s why the primitive knowledge given by parents also affect the psychological growth of children.
  • Better management of Time : Have you ever study by making time table ? If yes then congratulation you are one of the best student, because it is usually the first essential terms to get higher ranks in exam. Usually person become talent by hardworking in his study for hours of hours time. So if you haven’t make time table for study then immediately create a timetable and give hours of time to each of the subject.

Black hole, one of the most dangerous cosmos masses in the space. But what if our moon change into the black hole,what will be it’s effect on the earth.

A black hole the mass of the Moon would have an event horizon about the size of a sand grain. Specially, according to one of my favorite charts, a black hole moon would be a grain of fine to medium-fine sand, and could pass through a sieve. Since the Moon’s mass and position wouldn’t change, the tides on Earth wouldn’t change, either.

When you’re floating outside a spherical mass, its pull on you is the same regardless of whether the mass is concentrated at the center of the sphere or spread out throughout it. If the Sun were replaced by a black hole of the same mass, the Earth’s orbit wouldn’t change, although life on Earth might. With the Moon gathered into a point, there’d be no moonlight, which would affect the life cycles of all kinds of nocturnal animals. But compared to a lot of the other things we’ve done, that would be fairly minor.

The Earth’s orbit is stabilized by the Moon, but the lunar-mass black hole would probably serve the same role. This black hole Moon would be pretty low-profile. If it were much smaller, it would evaporate through Hawking radiation, but a black hole the size of the Moon actually absorbs more energy from the cosmic background radiation than it emits through the Hawking mechanism. Our black hole would really be black.

At least, if it didn’t eat anything. If the black hole devoured any objects, it would let off a tremendous blast of radiation. Black holes burn brightly as they devour things; the whirlpool of matter heats up as it falls inward, causing it to glow brightly. Fortunately, there’s not a lot out for it to eat, so it wouldn’t glow very brightly for now. It would spend most of its time drastically altering the orbits of nearby dust particles—one sand grain pushing other sand grains around. But there would be one interesting effect: In addition to getting darker, Earth would get colder, because moonlight warms the Earth.

It’s a very tiny contributor to our global energy balance; the Moon is five or six orders of magnitude dimmer than the Sun. But it’s there. Measurements show that global temperature varies with a 28-day cycle; all else being equal, the Earth is hottest during the full moon. It’s a tiny difference-small fractions of a degree-but it’s there. But it turns out most of this effect is not due to moonligh.The largest contributor is the fact that the Earth is slightly closer to the Sun during a full Moon.

Calculating the amount of energy radiated back to Earth by the Moon is deceptively tricky. The Moon reflects sunlight, but with some surprising twists. When the Moon is half-illuminated, you might think it would be half as bright as when full—but it’s much less bright than that. And once you account for that, there are even trickier effects to deal with, because science is the worst.
Then, on top of all the weird visible-light effects, the Moon also heats up under the Sun, then radiates that heat as infrared light.

There’s a great discussion of the Moon’s effect on the Earth’s energy budget in this article. The upshot is that the Moon’s infrared heat radiation turns out to affect Earth’s temperature about 10 times more than the visible moonlight, but still about 10 times less than the effect from gravity moving Earth closer and farther from the Sun. This also have affect on Earth’s radiation balance-the presence of infrared moonlight warms the planet by 1.2 milli-degrees Fahrenheit (m°F). Without moonlight, the planet would cool down slightly. But given the accelerating rate at which we’re adding CO2 to the atmosphere—which changes the Earth’s energy balance-we’d make up the difference in a couple of weeks. So all in all, the conversion of the Moon to a black hole might not even be that big of a deal.

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DNA,the most important micro component of living being;play some most of the essential role in the genetic, digestive and physiological process. As all of we know DNA is made up of protein, nitrogen base & enzymes. So what will be the affect if DNA totally vanished, damaged or don’t ever exist on the bodies of living beings.

First of all it is genetic matter that’s so if it ever don’t exist on living beings no any genetic characters,mutation won’t transfer from parents to their off-springs. This will eventually effect out on the process of evolution,by this phenomenon of DNA existence we can see so many million and billion of new strange species can be seem on this world.

As DNA is made up of nitrogen base, protein and enzyme,if it don’t exist on the bodies of living beings then it will affect on the protein synthesis & enzyme chain. By this irregularities in the production & synthesis of protein and enzyme living being will be affected by the scarcity of protein, enzyme and vitamin this eventually disturb the physiological process which can be the reason of death due to the lack of essential element of protein & enzyme.

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Most of the people use facebook as their daily routine, 6 out of 10 people have use faecbook in the world.
Everyone can simply create a facebook account without any charge with free of cost, & also in future you don’t have need to pay single buck of money, then how facebook is earning earning yearly revenue of $4B.
Neither it takes any money from it’s user,then how it makes this large amount of revenue.
Okay here limitedcience is presence to answering this interesting question.
When you are scrolling facebook timeline then sometime you may see some post from page,games & software with ‘Sponsored’ badge, this sponsored badge indicate that types of post which are being promoted by facebook by taking some $ money from promoter. 

Business companies & page owner promote their portfolio in facebook by paying few buck of money,this is one of the way that facebook earn.
& When you are watching some videos in facebook the sometime you can automatically see some advertisement (Ads.) play in that videos, also this videos are one of the way of of promoting business & for this business owner pay some money to the facebook.

In this way facebook earn it’s revenue from advertising business.
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There are few emperor,leader & king who were always alive in our history,who were still known as the greatest leader of all time like Napoleon, Porus, Genghis khan but today we are going to dig about the history of that brave person whose name was one & only added with the post “THE GREAT”, in this article we are going to explain the most greatest historical king “Alexander The Great”.

Alexander ill Macedon,famously known as Alexander the great was the son of king Philip II & his fourth wife Olympia,many historical books tell that queen Olympia was the magician.
July 20 of 356 BC was the historical date when the greatest leader of the world was born in Pella of the ancient kingdom of Macedon.

Some historical book tell that Alexander was the son of god ‘Zeus’ who was the god of thunder according to the Greek mythology.One day when king Philip II enter the room of Olympia he saw that queen Olympia was having sex with snake. And ancient people of Greek believe that god Zeus take the form of snake & have sex with queen Olympia this myths make worried Philip II.

Alexander was tutored by Aristotle & learn so much war technique & skill, also he dream to win the whole world from his teacher Aristotle at the age of 16.
He got to the throne at the small age of 20 & from that he start the roaming all over the neighbouring country for war & defeated them eventually easily. At that time Greek people think that the sea is the end of the world, Alexander won all the country from northern africa to northwestern india that’s why he was named as “THE GREAT EMPEROR,ALEXANDER THE GREAT’.
He endeavoured to reach the ‘ends of world & the great outer sea” & invaded india in 326 BC & win an important victory over the pauravas at the battle of hydapes with king PORUS.Till the journey of aleadnder porus was the one & only that king who make alexander so tough to win the battle,this thing impress alexander and make porus as his friend & give back his country.
After this war porus has to attack the another country ‘magadh’ of india but he haven’t enough armies & weapon so he decide to return back to his homecountry macedon but at the midway at the babylon,we lost our greatest king of all the time. June 11 of 323 BC was that dark days when we lost our greatest emperor alexander.

The Internet is such an integral part of our lives and popular culture and grown so much over the last decade and a half that many of us forget that it is still a recent phenomenon.It’s been almost 25 years since the launch of the World Wide Web. Since then, the growth of the Internet has been truly explosive and magnificent.
Here are some of the most amazing facts about Internet that will fascinate you and leave you asking for more. So get ready to immerse yourself completely into the incredible and somewhat bizarre world of the Internet.

  • The data size of the Internet is 5 trillion GB.
  • There are over 637 million websites on the Internet.
  • It takes 8 billion electrons to write a single email.
  • There are 15 billion electronic devices connected to the Internet.
  • Over 50% of the people who use the Internet are on Facebook.
  • The first email ever was sent in 1971.
  • Google claims to have scanned just 0.004% of the World Wide Web.
  • The first webcam was used in Cambridge University in 1993.
  • 72 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube every minute.
  • People spend 10% of their lives on the social media.

Do you doubt your own intelligence? Here we have collect 10 symbol that you’re mistaken.

You were breast-fed as a baby
Scientists from Britain and New Zealand studied around 3,000 children and found that those who were breast-fed as babies received almost 7 points more on IQ tests than those who weren’t. But this only applied to those who had a certain kind of gene (this gene is also present in those who weren’t breast-fed.) The exact mechanism determining the relationship between this gene and breast-feeding is still unknown.

You loved reading even as a child
Do you have memories of reading going back to your earliest days? The chances are you’re very smart, especially if your love for books started when you were still in diapers. During the course of one piece of research, 2,000 pairs of twins were studied, and it turned out that those infants who learned to read earlier scored higher in tests later in life. The study’s authors believe that reading from an early age improves a person’s verbal as well as non-verbal abilities.

You’re left-handed
There is some data to suggest that there’s a large number of left-handed people among criminals. Experts have yet to explain this phenomenon. On the other hand, the latest research indicates that left-handed people are inclined to divergent thinking — a way of creative thinking that is employed in order to solve problems and tasks. Left-handed people are often more inventive and know how to get out of difficult situations better. Is that not a sign of great intellect?

You often worry
More and more studies are proving that people who often worry about things might be more intelligent than those who don’t. It may be the case that this is a result of the fact that they’re always thinking about the possible consequences of their actions and therefore try to make sure everything turns out as best as possible.

You can be funny
It turns out that a sense of humor and high intelligence are connected. In one piece of research, around 400 students took an intelligence test, after which they had to think up amusing captions for scenes from cartoons. Can you guess whose captions turned out to be funnier?

You’re curious
A professor of business psychology at one London university came to the conclusion that curiosity is an important characteristic in intelligent people. Curious people possess a more refined form of thinking, and in the long-term they are interested in discovering new things and developing as people.

You strive for perfection
People who are smart are usually perfectionists. They’re never truly satisfied with the way things are. If they play a sport, they’ll spend extra time practicing to be the best player on the team. And if they are unhappy with their appearance, they’ll go the extra mile to look their best by buying a new wardrobe or stepping up their grooming habits. Their life is a constant work in progress.

You’re a real night owl
It sounds funny, but it turns out that people who love to stay up at night generally have a greater intellect than early birds. The ability to work and be creative at night, as is well known, was not given to us by nature. It’s for this reason that scientists reached the conclusion that intelligent people go to bed later because they’re striving to expand the limits of their abilities. If only we could survive on such little sleep!

Your writing is messy
Creative disorder is a concept that was established long ago, and there is even research that claims that it serves as a kind of “fuel” for those with a creative nature. Messy handwriting is also one of the signs of a creative person.

“Concept of God as the Alien”

: The Green face,large eyes & abnormal head shape human like specie’s image came into our mind when someone spell the word ‘Alien’ in front of us. Is it really verified that all the alien must have that types of physical structure as we think & imagine about them ? No,it’s only our imagination about the shape or structure of alien.

Simply alien means living that used to live alive outside the earth. May be there are microscopic,unicellular organism survive & live in the water of titran(satellite of saturn), frozen ice of mars & saturn which are located at it’s pole region, Aren’t they alien ? Yeah although they haven’t the actual & same physical structure as we think about the alien, still they are categorised into the categories on the alien group because they are the form of life present on the out of the earth.

All the things that we have discussed above are just to understand the actual defination of the alien.

There are hundreds of hypothetical terms discussed about how human came  into the existence. All the 4,200 religions that are still into the existence on earth believe that all the creatures are created by god. Then science have try to define the god in some weird ways, that may be those superior powerful things that we are calling god are the alien in actual.

When we read historical books about religion,we can read that god came into the earth by some super speeds vehicle,they are bright & have different powerful weapon. If we analyze all the things,that super speed vehicle may be the UFO ( Un-identified Flying Object ) & the powerful weapon used by the god were highly developed strong technological weapons.

 And if we deeply analyzed about that god create us, then may be we are the off-springs of alien which were kept onto the earth by alien about thousands of years ago.

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