If we search for online job in google, we can see million of result. Most of the website that claimed to give a online job and money, are spammed and they are totally fake. Here we have point out 5 real verified method for online earning which are free and easy to understand also trustable.

1.Blogging ( Www.Blogspot.com )

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: Blogging or blogger is a easiest ways for the online earning. This method is 100% free and so easy to use. In Blog you can write something about the article, insert pictures in post. When you create your blogspot site then you can directly write post article and after sometime you can verified it for earning from google adsense.

Here we have listed out the process for Blogging and earning :-

  • First go to the website : www.blogspot.com
  • Then sign up with your email and give the name for your website.( Example : Earnmoney.blogspot.com )
  • Then simply you can write post, news, article, details and published it.
  • Then after 10 days or around after 15 post you can see a ‘ Earning ‘ Option at your blog site and then click there and sign up to create the Google Adsense account for the collection of money from your blogging.
  • If you write minimum 3 post daily and make it SEO ( Search Engine Objective ) friendly then you can earn up to 100$ – 150$ monthly.

2.Sell Books Online at Amazon ( https://kdp.amazon.com)

: Amazon is the leading largest companies of the world. In this site various material were sell & brought. Also here we can sell books or document in the amazon and can sell at 1$-100$ per Books.It is the easiest ways for the online earning. This method is 100% free and so easy to use. In this method you can write books of some pages and sell it for some dollars.

Here we have listed out the process for Selling Book at Amazon :-

  • Go to the Kindle website of amazon : https://kdp.amazon.com 
  • Then sign up with your email for the creation of selling account.
  • Then you can sell your own written books or also you can sell some public domain books. Public domain book are those books which are written 100 of years ago by some old dead author ( William Shekaspere etc.)
  • You can adjust the amount for your books.
  • Also you can adjust discount % to the books.
  • When you sell books the money of sold books will be collected at the account dashboard of amazon.
  • After the collection of 100$ you can withdraw money from your bank account.

3.Youtube ( Www.Youtube.com )

: Nowadays there are million of people who are earning by uploading videos on youtube. Today youtube is the largest platform for videos sharing. It is also 100% free.

Here we have listed out the process for Earning Via Youtube :-

  • Go to Youtube : Www.Youtube.com
  • Sign up with your email and create a channel and upload videos.
  • Then when you get 1000+ subscriber and total 4000 Hour watch time ( Approx. 300,000 Views ) you can verified your youtube channel for google Adsense and you can earn form youtube.

4.From Own Website

: This is quite unique method for earning. For this you have to buy a website domain. Nowadays a website domain cost 40$. When you buy a web domain you can custom templates, design for the attractive website. For this any normal can do this, no any coding knowledge in needed.

After the completion of customization of website you can write article about science, health, news and also you can do something unique like you can buy your produce from your website.

Here we have listed out the process for Earning Via Website :-

  • First create your website.
  • Then link your website with google Adsense account.
  • Now your website can earn according to your website visitor.

5. Affiliated Markets


: For this you must have your own website. For this you can sell product of other website and you can earn some percentage of comission. For example if we sell the Book product of Amazon.com At the cost of 100$ then we can earn about 10$ ( 10% ).



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