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Is Auto follower, Auto liker in Facebook, Instagram & snapchat are Safe oR, Spam ?

Facebook is best place for connecting with people. We use Facebook daily to do chatting, calling, sharing Status and Photos. Facebook has a lot of entertaining features which make users addicted. As normal Facebook users only have around 100-500 friends. So we share our thoughts and other day to day moments. But according to Facebook […]

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C program to check whether a number is Perfect number or not using while loop

C program to check whether a number is Perfect number or not using while loop

Here is the coding of C program to check perfect number using while loop Before getting into the depth, we want to let you know what actually is Perfect number. Perfect number is those numbers which divisor number’s sum are equal to that number, for more insight lets have a glance in one example. E.g: […]

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Greatest Science discoveries of 2019 you must know.

science is expanding in the field of discoveries even more faster than the human population arose between 1800-2020 ( #Factofthepost: As it takes till 1800 from the human evolution to reach human population 1 Billion & arose to nearly 8 Billion within just 220 years). Modern science is said to be started from late 1600 […]

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International Space Station, ISS, Facts about International Space Station

Interesting facts about International Space Station (ISS)

230 individuals from 18 countries have visited the International Space Station The space station has been continuously occupied since November 2000 An international crew of six people live and work while traveling at a speed of 5mile/sec. Orbiting Earth about every 90 minutes. In 24 hours, the space station makes 16 orbits of Earth, traveling through 16 sunrises and […]

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Nobel prize 2019 chemistry, Nobel prize 2019 for chemistry was awarded to M. Stanley Whittingham, Akira Yoshino and John B. Goodenough

The Nobel Prize 2019 for Chemistry has been Awarded !

The Nobel Prize 2019 for Chemistry has Awarded on 9th October 2019. The inventor of lithuim ion battery got award for their revolutionary invention. Lithuim ion battery are especially use in more than 95% of technology, such as electric vehicles (Tesla Car) , mobile phone and remote control devices. M. Stanley Whittingham, Akira Yoshino and […]

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50 Facts About Love That Will Seriously Make Your Heart Smile

Did you know that love actually is blind? And that men are more likely to say “I love you” before their female partner does? Here we have collect 50 these types of weird interesting & amazing facts about love probably you didn't know.

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